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In the case that you have any issues or questions, the current Alumni Director of Finance may always be contacted at this address by email.

Preemptive FAQ
Who’s handling my bank info?
DonorBox just provides the form, receipts, and subscription management.
Stripe is the payment processor that actually stores your card or bank information.
For ACH payments, Stripe uses Plaid to authenticate with your bank’s online account.

Why should I use ACH?
The ACH processing fee is 0.80% capped at $5, much lower than the fee credit card/debit card processing charges of 2.2% + $0.30 with no cap.
More of your donation goes to Triangle instead of the middlemen.

How to change what day recurring donations debit:
1) Login to your DonorBox account here.
2) Hit the edit button by the subscription

3) Type in a new day and hit change.